Remember, the key to learning anything is to make a commitment to learning and then consistently applying the right skills until they become your automatic habit. Practice doesn't make perfect; it only makes permanent. If you use poor skills over and over, you are not going to improve. Conversely, making small adjustments in the techniques you use can have a big impact on your results. Keep your notebook handy and right down those new words and phrases!


What is easy? Not doing anything is easy.

Everyone wants learning X to be easy. Pick your X, it doesn't matter. Learning a new language is not easy but it doesn't have to be painful. I'll make a point of helping you along with activities in English that match your career and your goals.

If you want to learn English, I'm a good teacher and I will try to make it at least interesting. Book here.

If you really want easy, then you are probably in the wrong place.


It's a speaking group that emphasizes communication and leadership skills development. I highly recommend you find the clubs near you, visit as many as you can, and then join. No matter what language you choose, Toastmasters will help you become a better person and a better speaker.


Increasing your input and output of English will help you learn English(or pretty much anything) faster. I am a fan of reading, but movies, music, audio books, courses in English will help improve your English as well.

Contact me and we'll discuss how I can help boost your EN I/O.


He who fails to plan is planning to fail.-Winston Churchill


If you are going to learn anything, you'll need to set aside time to study. That means you have to open your calendar and block out time for studying. Sure, I can help you learn English, but you are going to have to spend time on your own studying. You'll need to come up with a plan that works with your goals and schedule. Check out mine here.


Believe it or not, but learning English can be fun... especially if you like comic books. Check out this site for your favorite comic books:


There is no shortage of decent English language sites on the web. I can recommend sites that give immediate feedback on your answers. Take a look at my quizzes and make sure to use a real address or there will no way to track your performance!


You need English for work. Read articles in English about your industry! Talk about the articles in English with your colleagues.


Click the button below and it will offer you a new question to consider.


John Lennon said: Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

Here are some life situations to talk about.


Finding a tutor is easy. Finding a good tutor is harder. And finding a tutor that will keep you motivated to learn is the hardest. A good tutor is a good partner. You and your partner share a plan and you work on it together.


Set your computer environment in English. This will push you to learn written and functional English very very fast.


Build a word tree! It will help you learn the structure of English sentences!

Asking for clarification

  • Can you say that again a little slower please?

  • Would you say that again please?

  • Could you please rephrase your question?

  • I'm sorry. Could you repeat that please?

  • Say again?


Before sending an email, read it out loud to yourself.

language games

There are lots of language games out there. One of my favorite is dictionary. Open your dictionary, find a word that you think your partner doesn't know and ask them what they think the definition is.

descripe the word

Pick a word and describe it as fast as possible without using the word: