Talk of Winter

A: I want winter to come soon.

B: I enjoy the winter, but it gets really cold sometimes.

A: I know what you mean, but I'd rather be cold than hot.

B: That's exactly how I feel. Winter is so much better when it's cold. It makes me think of the old days with my family back in New Zealand…I miss them.

A: You do?

B: Yeah, well maybe not right now. Like I said though, I'm just glad we're still here together. We've got each other now.

Go to the Movies

B: So what do I owe the pleasure of your call?

A: Oh, I just wanted to see if you wanted to hang out tomorrow.

B: Sure, what did you want to do?

A: Maybe we can go see a movie or something.

B: A movie? What kind of movies would you like to see?

A: Anything with a girl in it. Like the ones where they're all dressed up and dancing.

B: Really? Well, I guess that's one thing I'll have to check into! (Sigh) Alright then, a movie it is!

Do something tomorrow?

A: Hey, you occupied?

B: I was busy doing something. I apologize.

A: No problem.

B: Did you need something?

A: Do you want to do something tomorrow?

B: Well, yeah…I mean we could go out for a walk in the mountains or something. It'll be nice to get away from the house for awhile.

A: Okay. (Sigh) Alright, let me just pack up some of my things and then we can head out around 9. sound good??

B: Yeah, cool. See you tomorrow!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

A: Tell me, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

B: I enjoy drawing and painting.

A: You know how to draw and paint?

B: Yes, I do. What kind of art are you into?

A: I'm a fan of fantasy and science fiction art. Do you have any books or comics that interest you?

B: No, but I've been reading some history books lately. Are there any movies that interest you?

A: Not really. Movies don't interest me, but I do like watching TV shows. Do you have any music on your computer?

B: No, but I've been listening to Spotify recently. Are there any games on your PC that interest you?

A: Nope! But I've been playing my guitar lately. Do you play any instruments?

Thanks for saving my cat!

Jim: I'm glad to see you. Can't we sit down somewhere and talk?

Mary: Sure, let's sit over there.

Jim:So what brings you here?

Mary: I just wanted to say thanks for saving my cat's life.

Jim: Well, I know how much it means to you.

Mary: Oh, well anyway thank you again. It really meant a lot to me.

Jim:You are welcome.

At this point Mary and Jim both start talking about other things. The conversation goes on like this for quite awhile until eventually they are interrupted by the door opening up.

Tom: Hey are you guys done yet? I need to get home now or my mom is going to start wondering where I am.

Mary turns to Jim and says, "Well I guess I will see you later then." Mary gets up and walks through the door.

Let's go out!

A: Let's go out to eat.

B: That sounds like fun.

A: Where do you want to go?

B: Let me think a minute. I'm thinking we should go to the city. There are more restarants there.

A: Okay let's get going!

(You and your friend head off into the night.)

B: Do you want me to drive?

A: No, I'll be fine.

B: My dad taught me how to drive when I was little though so it shouldn't be too bad for me.

A: How is your Dad?

B: He's okay, works a lot so I don't see him that much.

A: Your father's name is Ben right?

B: Yeah.

Arranging a meeting

B: Will you be there?

A: No, I can't be there.

B: Please send me your background information before the meeting so I can look at it.

A: I can send that information to you. Just tell me when and where the meeting will take place.

B: Okay, I'll get right on that. But just know this; if you don't show up for your meeting, we're going to have a problem. Now then… what do you think of our offer?

A: I think the offer is good but the price is high.

B: What is a good price for you?

A: I want at least one million dollars.

B: Hah, no you don't.

A: (nervous laugh) Well maybe not right away, but I want to have that option.

After he's divorced...

Ramona: "I'm not someone who goes after a guy five minutes after he's divorced."

Melissa: "No, you go after them five minutes before they get married."

Ramona: " Melissa, why are you so mean to me?"

Melissa: "Because I love you!"

Ramona: (sigh) "Fine. Are you being mean to me because of that stupid movie we saw last night?

Melissa: " I thought you liked the movie!?"

Ramona: "Yeah, it was a nice romantic movie with a happy ending. What more could a girl like me want?"


It's going to rain.

A short dialog about coffee.