12 tenses of English

  • Present Simple

    1. I do, I do do

    2. Does this look good on me?

      1. It's a good look for you.

  • Present Continuous

    1. What are you doing right now?

      1. I am doing the dishes.

    2. What are they doing right now?

      1. They are having an English lesson right now.

  • Present Perfect

    1. I have done

    2. I have [finished, completed,done] this task

  • Present Perfect Continuous

    1. I have been doing my [laundry,expenses, homework].

    2. We have been cleaning the house today.

  • Past Simple

    1. I did, I did do

    2. I said that I will not go to work tomorrow.

    3. I told my manager that I will take the day off tomorrow.

  • Past Continuous

    1. What were you doing today?

      1. I was doing my [laundry,expenses, homework].

      2. I was walking with my dog.

  • Past Perfect

    1. What had you done earlier today?

      1. I had done the dishes.

    2. Where had your dog gone?

      1. He(the dog) had gone to the park.

  • Past Perfect Continuous (rarely used)
    I had been doing

    1. Where had you been when your mother called?

      1. I had been working in my office.

  • Future Simple

    1. Ann:Where will you go tomorrow?

      1. Bob: I will go to the store and do some shopping.

  • Future Continuous

    1. Ann:What will you be doing for New Years?

      1. Bob: We will have a quiet evening at home.

    2. What will you be doing tomorrow?

      1. I will be watching a movie with my family.

  • Future Perfect (rarely used)

    1. What will you have [completed, done] by Sunday night?

    2. We will have talked to our doctor about our next appointment.

  • Future Perfect Continuous (rarely used)

    1. I will have been doing

    2. How long will you have been living in your current apartment?

      1. I will have been living in my apartment for three years in January.