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English is important for your career and you know it.

I'm a native English speaker from California. I have earned my BA in English, my MA in Education Technology and my California Teaching Credential. I am well versed in programming and technology topics. I am also a long time member of Toastmasters and regularly give speeches and advise others on how to prepare presentations.

When you take an English lesson with me, you will do most of the talking. I will correct you. 

My rates are reasonable and I'm open to discuss group classes.

I can help you improve you English skills. Check out my calendar and book your classes here.

Adjectives: Comparatives and Superlatives

adjectives comparatives and superlatives


English Conditionals

Prepositional Phrases

prepositional phrases


modals in English

English Idioms and Proverbs

English idioms

English Collocations

English collocations

Common English Phrasal Verbs

common phrasal verbs


Past Tense

tense past simple
tense past continuous
tense past perfect continuous
tense past perfect

Present Tense

tense present simple
tense present continuous
tense present perfect
tense present perfect continuous

Future Tense

tense future simple
tense future continuous
tense future perfect continuous
tense future perfect

Question Words in English

Basic Question Words in English

English Prefixes Roots and Suffixes

English Prefixes Roots and Suffixes

Two Letter Words

two letter words in English

Three Letter Words

3 letter words

Four Letter Words

four letter words in English